This part is there to help you to use the software.


The Webcam allows you to see the test rig and your experiment.

So as you can see there are three buttons:
Delete Pictures - delete all picture in memory.
Snap - take a picture from the webcam.
Stop - stop the video

Also there are two test field:
At the left side we find teh date with UMT GMT +0H
YYYY-MM-DD hh-mm-ss.uuu (Years-Month-Day Hour-Minute-Second.mili second
At the bottom is the URL of pictures's page.

That is the first page you should see when you start using the software.
Before leaving thing to come back there.
This page is a schematic representation of the test rig.
In green and blue arrows are the linear sensors.
The red arrow represente the shock absorber.
When you are on this tab the motor stay stoped.
In manual mode you chose yourself the motor voltage between 0 to 10V by moving the cursor at the left.

The step mode will generate a step of the you choice,
you can change the step voltage and the time when will start the step.
One you have choose this parameter you can click on activate to start the experiment.
You can also desactivate the experiment a any moment just by click agin on activate.
Or you can reset the experiment at any time.

This mode is very similar to step mode,
Pulse Voltage and Pulse Time are the same as Step Volate and Step Time.
We have just one parameter more the Pulse Time which is
how long do you want you pulse, normally very short arround the second.
You can reset the experiment at any time.

This mode is slope generator.
You chose the start voltage level, the stop voltage level then the increment voltage.
Once done, you can run it continuoulsy with the activate button
or set a time in second press start button and it will automaticly stop after this time.

You can also choose the Time mode:
Time base; define the time between each increment.
Slope time; define the time of an entire slope.

Note: If you choose a time don't forget to desactivate the experiment before.

Channels page allows user to see the volatge on the linear sensors.
Left - Lower Arm - Blue Arrow.
Right - Upper Arm - Green Arrow.
The resolution change the refresh time of the screen and data acquisition. (By default 100ms)
The graph button start and stop the graphic update.
The store data button store all data in a text file.
The erease data button reset the data file.

Data Acquisition:
There are differents methode to process to acquire some data.

By defaut the data are not store automatically in a file.
You must strat manually the data acquistion by pressing the button "data store" and also to stop the storage.

All the data stored in the file are added to the previous one.
If you want only your data in the file you need to erease the the file first then store your data.

How to proced:
You can begin to store the data, run the experiment then stop the acquisition and download the data file.

Or if you have set a start time you can run the experiment then start the storage until the end of your experiment.

This page is use to communicate with the other user.
Just few information about the application.

This page is a picture gallery with all picture taken.

To download the picture you just have to right click ont the wanted picture then save image as ...

If you would like to download all the pictures you can click on the page (where there is no picture) and save page as ...
You will find all the picture in the folder linked to the web page (WBIRL_files, sub folder main_data).

If you can't see the picture taken use right clik, this frame, reload.
This will refresh the page with the new content.
If nothing change, it's because the picture haven't been taken.

This is the data text file:
Each data are delimited by a space.
Each line represente a new measure.

The text format is:
Date - Time - Second - Motor - Lower Arm - Upper Arm (Voltage)
YYYY/MM/DD - hh:mm - ss.uu - V - V - V

If you want to download the data file you can proced as:
- Right click on the link then save the link as ...
- Right click on the frame then this frame, save frame as ...
- Select all then copy paste in your favorite application.